Xperia X1 custom ROM installation

Before you start, get the battery charge fully. This is important.

1. On PC, Install activesync and .net framework (3.0 or 3.5)

2. On Phone, Set PC-USB mode to Activesync mode(uncheck fast-connection)

3. On PC, run activesync. And connect the Phone via USB. Acivesync status must be “Connected”.

4. Download and run HardSPL. This run over .net framework and can load Custom ROM from t-flash card.

5. Click Blahblah or Update or Next until percentage bar is revealed

6. During upgrade , watch out phone. An ask will be reveal, then press the run button(or yes).

7. At this ponint, HardSPL is ready. If you are face with? errors, search out with error massage.

8. On Phone, Set? PC-USB mode to FlashDisk mode and reconnect the phone to PC.

9. Copy the favorite Custom ROM to FlashDisk and rename kovsimg.nbh

10. Turn the phone off. And press Volume-downButton with PowerButton. After a few second, some question is reveal, than press PowerButton.

ROM installation is done. Congratulation.